Elementary Episode 2: Chekov’s Violin

Sherlock shows his true feelings towards the musical instrument that he’s known for

Episode 2 of the new Sherlock Holmes has rolled out, and like the wire Rube Goldberg contraption that now graces the titles, this new one feels much more together and is a treat to watch. Without going into story details too much, Sherlock continues to mystify and infuriate Watson with his bag of quirks ranging from him hypnotizing himself to prevent outside “natter” from filling up his prodigious brain, to his nonchalant decision to check a coma patients’ status with a needle in the thigh. JLM is still the reason to watch, and his ability to go from low key sleuth to a man possessed of dangerous determination to his quieter moments of self reflection is something most welcome.

All that “lock and key” subtext? Purely coincidental

Even better, Joan Watson comes through and improves as well, keeping a tighter reign on Holmes, and matching his ruthlessness when it comes to needles. (She even lampshades her uneasiness around bodies, which previously felt out of character given she was in medical school) Her central role continues to be that of an outside character who tries to get Sherlock to open up about his past, but Sherlock’s hostile response to her prods draw their relationship into one of deeper understanding, and promise even better conflict in the future.

Final Verdict: Fun and full of neat deductions, the ending is also a trip.


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